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Charles 'Chuck' Fisher

I didn’t answer my dad’s call when I saw his name on the ID. I don’t answer his calls most of the time; I let them go to voice mail and call back. We don’t have a great relationship. I listen to his voicemail during lunch and get the vague sense something has happened with Grandpa. My brother texts me immediately after I hang up on voicemail.

“Did Dad call you?”

“Yeah, I let it go to voicemail, I was about to call him back”

“You need to call him right now”



“He has congestive heart failure, he had a massive heart attack over the weekend”


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A Proper PAX Post: Part 1

Last weekend was the Penny Arcade Expo. I have about a hundred things to talk about, but since it's difficult to read a long, rambling recap of things someone else considers fun, I'm going to put this into list format.

Without further ado, here are the top 8 things I enjoyed about PAX:

8: Fortune telling


We reunited seamonkeys took the monorail to the Seattle Scifi museum

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Where the hell have we been?

So it's been a while since we blogged anything here, I know I know, but we've been busy. Work has been madhouse for both of us, and I've been working on an open source project in my spare time (which may actually generate a few posts). We also have had a lot of vacation planning to accomplish, so forgive us our sparse updating schedule, all three of you that watch this space are probably concerned.

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May Games night

The second Fisher's games night went off quite well. Taylor made his bacon twix bars again and we managed to almost finish a game of Robo Rally. Just one game. Although Chris won the game, I successfully lost it the most, running myself off the board three times. Yay directional thinking.

Thanks to everyone who made it out, and we'll hope to see you all next time, June 4th.

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A Beautiful day to be in Japan

No, sadly we are not in Japan, but we did go to the Japanese garden and rose test garden today. It was a beautiful day in Portland area, sunny and warm all day long. It was a popular day to be in Washington park and there were people everywhere, but not as many as on a really nice summer day. I basically finally let Maria drag me to the gardens and actually enjoyed myself in spite of it all. It was beautiful and tranquil even with a few yelling babies. We also went to the Rose test gardens for a bit, it was exactly as exciting as we expected.

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Sriracha Cupcakes

This is another blatant Cupcake Friday rip off. I had a few issues along the way, mostly in guessing sugar content, and I followed some twitter after advice from Mel and added another egg yolk. I also used heavy cream instead of milk, since cream is required for the frosting and we don't really have milk, oh and I used more of that than listed as well, probably about 1/2-3/4 cup more.

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Stumptown Comic Con

I've never been to a Comic Convention before, and this one was just a few minutes away, so why not? I was hoping to see a lot more be-costumed people, but there were mostly just normal looking nerds in average clothing.

We got there early enough to not have to wait in line or avoid any kind of crush. Maybe you usually don't, and I'm just comparing this to the Penny Arcade Expo.


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