We're not on Wordpress anymore, Toto.

I got a job (that I love) at OpenSourcery back in January. Since then I've spent 40 hours a week working in Drupal. While at home I was running a Wordpress site.

Not anymore!

Welcome to our new Drupal-based blog!

No real changes to the external eye, other than a bit of theming, but I did use the principles I've been learning at OpenSourcery to build it. A few things that might interest fellow Drupalistadors:

  • I used our open-source profile starter Turnip and added on our blog feature os_blog to build the site.
  • I migrated our content over from Wordpress using the Wordpress Migrate module, but images were more difficult. We were using Wordpress's Nextgen gallery to manage our photos, and I needed a relatively straight-forward replacement. I went with the Media Gallery module (since Media is used in Turnip), and wrote a bit of custom code to successfully migrate over the files and put them in the correct places/pages. I got to play around with a custom input filter to translate Nextgen's codes like [nggallery id=18] and [singlepic id=422 w=320 h=240 float=] into something Drupal could understand and render as images or photo galleries.
  • I created a custom bit of code to turn our site's logo into a combination of Taylor's and my avatars. When we upload a new avatar to the site, the logo will change! All art on the site was done by incredibly talented Jade Gordon.

All my code is on my github site if you're interested.

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