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Recently I've been doing a lot of little sewing, including altering some shirts and making these arm warmers from some old socks that no longer go over my gargantuan runner's calves. Here's the tutorial I used, and here's the end result:

Arm warmers

But that post isn't about my little projects. It's about getting rid of a big project. So let's start again.

I made a thing! I need to get rid of it.
Here it is:

Farther far dress


I followed this pattern for what I hoped would be a cute, flattering dress with ruffles around all the curves and a fitted midsection. I chose one of Taylor's old button-up shirts for the waist and back to give the sleek sections a flattering, pin-stripe look, used an old white tshirt for the chest, and a single, old, black Think Geek tshirt for the skirt.

What worked:

In general, I think the fabrics were the correct choices. I do think the shape of the dress is appealing, and I also like the relatively subtle subtitle the limited wording on the skirt provides.

Dress side

What didn't work:

Here's the important part, and the reason I'd like to give this dress away -- I made it the complete wrong size! I didn't bother to look at the size-to-measurements listed, and assumed I would need to make the pattern at a size 10, like I had the last one. Silly me, this is a Misses pattern, with the measurements to fit a teenager! So, the waist is way too small for me to ever wear. I realized this toward the middle when I tried on the bodice and found there was no way I could fasten it. Ever.

Dress back

Anyway, instead of abandoning the project, I decided to finish it and give it away. So, if I have a slender friend with a waist of 29 inches or less, and you like this dress, or know someone who would fit this criteria, drop me a note on Twitter, Facebook, or the comments. I'll even mail it.

Close full dress

Otherwise it's going to Goodwill. Maybe someone will love it.


I'd never done snaps before, and I decided to give it a try. I did an absolute amateur job, half finishing before I found this incredibly useful tutorial.

The snaps, as they are, will hold just fine, but the spacing isn't perfectly even. I should have gone with the zipper option.

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