Sriracha Cupcakes

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This is another blatant Cupcake Friday rip off. I had a few issues along the way, mostly in guessing sugar content, and I followed some twitter after advice from Mel and added another egg yolk. I also used heavy cream instead of milk, since cream is required for the frosting and we don't really have milk, oh and I used more of that than listed as well, probably about 1/2-3/4 cup more. What we came out with was a rich dense fudgey cupcake that we are both VERY happy with. The one that I had was a little less done in the middle (but not badly so) and really had the consistency of moist brownies, but without the top crust. The Sriracha expresses itself quite nicely towards the end of chewing/swallowing. One issue I noticed for myself, is I can taste the garlic from the sauce. Maria doesn't taste it at all, so I guess this makes a good supertaster test for my coworkers (many of whom agree that I seem to be one).  It doesn't overpower anything or make it taste bad, just catches me oddly from a chocolate desert.

Happy Cupcakes

As I typed this up, we got invited to a friend's house for Easter dinner, so I guess they'll be taste tested by the folks there instead of co-workers. They'll make very good zombie messiah day treats for the folks at the dinner.

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