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Front of the shirt

A new wrap shirt improvised from the pattern for the bodice of the wrap dress I recently made.


I had some problems the wrap dress, which you might recall:

a) Too big
b) Wrong material for the bodice front interface
c) Not topstitching when I wanted to.

I decided to tackle the wrap dress bodice again, just to get the dimensions right. The idea being I could always throw a skirt on if I felt like the bodice was the right size.

So I made the bodice, fixing what I had done incorrectly. I used a free shirt I'd gotten from a conference and a tshirt that I'd gotten as part of a grab-bag. (Word to the wise: if a tshirt company is doing a grab-bag deal, you're going to get the tshirts no one wanted in your size. Taylor ordered one extra-large and got the girliest thing he'd ever seen. This became the back of my new creation.)

Back of the shirt

What worked:

Everything that I predicted would work did: going down two sizes meant the whole thing fits more snugly. Changing the linings helped with the stiffness. Topstitching gives the whole thing structure. I also, to go ahead and brag a bit, recycled two ribbons I'd gotten for free to make the belt. It was a complete fluke that I used Taylor's button-up shirt for the lower part of the bodice--a choice I made completely based on the color.

Side of the shirt

What didn't work:

The bodice is still quite... generous in the chest. In fact, I was about to abandon the entire project for being too obscene when I realized I still had a perfectly good man's shirt upstairs that I could sew into the rest of the wrap. That's when I added the collar. Now I can actually wear this without something underneath.


All that being said, I think my work with this pattern is over. I look forward to trying out something else next.

Side of the shirt with a bow

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