Running, a retrospective

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Today I set out on my weekly long run for my hood to coast training plan. Normally I do the long runs on a Saturday, but this Saturday we are helping Team Snout with their WarTron dry run. So I moved my schedule all around and ended up with an 8 mile run in the middle of the week. Normally I have a day of break between my last run, seeing my trainer, and the big run. This time I was running the day after training and running a small run yesterday. I was running with Maria and the dog at the beginning and Maria said, "one year ago you were running your first 5K". I hadn't thought about it, but she was right. 1 year ago I ran the first 5K I successfully finished. I ran it with my friend Katie and did run walk intervals for the duration. I had runkeeper on and have a track of it here. I did that run when I was nearly all the way through couch to 5k and it shows, I wasn't ready for a run of that size yet. Compare that to today's run which was done at my training, not racing, pace. It's amazing what a difference a year can make.

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