A quick update on Artificial Heart

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So, at the beginning of November I announced that I was going to try to write a play based on Artificial Heart. The play would basically be a story combining all the songs on the album, resulting in a musical which I thought it might be fun to record and release as a radio-drama-style podcast over a series of months.

I began the project in contrast to friends who were doing NaNoWriMo, because the thought of writing 3000 words a day was more than I could fathom. Novels are long. Plays are short. And this idea was too much fun to resist.

I told people about it in hopes you'd keep me honest and not let me slack. I hate quitting things I've announced with authority that I'm doing. It's a bit humiliating.

Anyway, you've noticed that November is over?

I did finish the play. It was awful.

My goal was to write five minutes at least of dialog for every song. That would lead to a series of episodes that ended up being about 90 minutes long total. The result of writing a play this way was something disjointed, overly dramatic, and mostly incoherent. I decided I could do better. After all, I'd like to write something people might actually enjoy or even care about.

So I got that out of my system, and I started again.

My new goal is to finish a second draft by the end of December. I'm writing three pages a day. I have a better overarching story, more likable characters (I think) and a writing routine that doesn't involve drinking until the blank page no longer scares me.

Once the second draft is done, I'll revise. Then I'll release it to the Joco forums. It's going to be a creative commons work, for obvious reasons, and I know that there are lots of Joco fans who have more talent than I do. I'm hoping a few people will take an interest and help it become something great.

After people give some feedback, I'd still like to do it as a radio drama in serial form. Just for fun.

Thanks to everyone who thought the project sounded cool. I hope it is!

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