A Proper PAX Post: Part 2

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Yeah, so this is only 4 months late. But it's done, dang it.

Back on to part 2! These are the best 4 things about PAX.

4. The PDX PAX quest.

Technically I completed two quests at PAX this year. The first one required you to find and scan QR codes and scored us a sweet keychain. But the scavenger hunt I want to talk about required several tasks, including getting pictures taken with 10 cosplayers. Here are the 10 cosplayers I ended up posing by to win my big old PDX PAX button. With the exclusion of Surly Link, they all seemed to really enjoy being photographed.

There were other challenges to the quest, and you can see the photos I took to complete them on my Google Plus stream.

3. Bandland Hackey Sack.

We were tired. PAX was almost over. We'd already purchased Joco's new CD, said hi to Paul and Storm, MC Frontalot and Brandon Patton. We were basically just meeting up one last time to say goodbye. Then this happened.

It went on like this for well over an hour. Mostly we stood around and watched. Occasionally one of us would stand stock still while the sack landed on our feet, an equal part fear and excitement galvanizing us to the spot. Some of the athletic types joined in. We decided that the day-long w00tstock could well be 20 hours of hackey sack by the stars, then a 4-hour show. We'd still be entertained.

2. Seeing John Roderick.

Once PAX was over, band land cleared out. The hackey was sacked. Everyone said goodbye. There were hugs-a-plenty. We were just leaving, one of the last groups, when there, coming up the escalators, was John Roderick.

After the impression John Roderick left on me on the Joco Cruise, I had imagined what I would be like if I saw John Roderick at PAX. I liked to believe I'd be cool and collected, but I know myself, and I knew that what I'd do was exactly what I did: Put on a goofy grin, make a b-line, and say, in a shaky voice "Mr. Roderick, I'm a sea monkey. Can I have a hug?"

I got a hug. Taylor took a picture where I made a dumb face. It was awesome.

1. Being with friends.

A few months ago the Doubleclicks did a cover of "I'm going to go back there some day." The line that I heard for the first time on that listen was "There's not a word yet for old friends who've just met." This is how I felt on the first Joco Cruise. And for the first time, it was how I felt at PAX. It was great to speak to some of the people I've only known through Twitter. It was neat to see a mingling of my PDX and Sea Monkey friends. It was fantastic just to play games, and chat, and joke.

I'm going to go back there someday.

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