A Proper PAX Post: Part 1

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Last weekend was the Penny Arcade Expo. I have about a hundred things to talk about, but since it's difficult to read a long, rambling recap of things someone else considers fun, I'm going to put this into list format.

Without further ado, here are the top 8 things I enjoyed about PAX:

8: Fortune telling


We reunited seamonkeys took the monorail to the Seattle Scifi museum

We went to the SciFi museum in hopes of wandering around and seeing all the classic SciFi novels, memorabilia, etc., that we'd so enjoyed last time we visited. Unfortunately, the entire wing now holds (temporarily) an exhibit on the movie Avatar. We did get to check out a pretty cool Battlestar Galactica exhibit, but that was not enough to justify the cost.

In an effort to salvage some enjoyment from the trip, I decided to have my tarot cards read by a guy reading a Star Trek novel outside of the museum. I've always wanted to know how that worked, and this seemed like a good time to find out.

Tracy got a nice instagramized photo of the event.

The general impression that my reader gave was that I was looking for some sense of family, and that I was a person never satisfied to stop doing things in a creative capacity. I didn't think either of these readings were particularly right, but I gave him some money anyway.

7. The Concerts

It's pretty telling about how awesome all of PAX was that the concerts are so near the bottom of my list. The concerts were great, of course. We sat in line for the Paul and Storm/Jonathan Coulton concert for a couple of hours eating dinner, decompressing, and occasionally doing a Mad Lib (if I could persuade anyone, which was harder than I expected).

The best part of the concert, aside from hearing a couple of Joco's new songs a day early, was this power-geek-band moment:

There are lots of videos from different angles, but I chose this one largely for its proximity to the stage and the inclusion of the chorus, including our friends The Doubleclicks. Other videos, including this one, show off the particular effect on the VGO's violinist, who clearly wasn't completely aware of how the song was going to go. (She's in the background at about the 1:40 mark laughing uncontrollably.)

Also fun was the Doubleclick's ninja gig, which was even visited by R2D2.

6. Triwizard Drinking Tournament.

A major reason for going up to Seattle a day early was to participate in the Triwizard Drinking Tournament. Dressed in our house colors (red and gold for Gryffindor, black for death eaters), we paired up with other houses, did shots, created unholy mixed drink combinations, and generally got as sloshed as we've ever been (with the appropriate drunk tweeting and epic hangover the next day).

Each place we met new people. Particularly cool was meeting the people from Casually Hardcore, who posted some more pictures.

Here are the pictures we came away with.

5. Board Gaming


That's our friend Jeff demoing the Ankh-Morpork game with us. We'll be buying it.

In previous PAXs we've spent most of our time wandering the convention hall until we're bored, then exploring Seattle. This year, having rediscovered our love of board gaming, we decided to do things a bit differently.

We checked out the game "Poo," which was fun if a bit simple. We played games with our friends in line, including "We didn't play test this at all." We also took some time off to demo a very cool Terry Pratchet-based game set in Ankh-Morpork and the Pathfinder system of D&D 3.5.

Sunday I decided to sign up for a Roborally tournament. The tournament started at noon and was slated to go as late as 6. The Joco Seamonkey reunion photo took place at 3. Taylor signed up too, so we were both highly surprised when I made it past the semi-finals (and he didn't).

When 3pm rolled around the game was still anyone's. I was a few squares away from the second flag (of 3), which would have put me temporarily in second place. But I really wanted to take part in the photo, too. So I made myself a deal: If I could get to the flag in the next round, I would stay and miss the reunion. Otherwise, I'd call it quits.

I then put down a turn right instead of a turn left and ran directly off the board. The seamonkey reunion photo was delightful.


My Onward Robots shirt was a happy coincidence.

Next time: The countdown ends with more sea monkeys, cosplayers, and a few surprises.

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