A note about weight loss

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This weekend I happened to be wearing a shirt designed by sea monkey and all around awesome guy Ray (this one). I took a photo to tweet at him, andĀ realizedĀ I'd made almost the exact same pose wearing the same shirt about ten months ago. I dug up the old photo to see if all the working out I've been doing (and complaining on Twitter about) has had any real physical effect.I knew I was down about 40 pounds from where I'd been when I took that photo, but it all happened gradually so I didn't notice any actual physical difference. Then I looked at the two photos side by side:


Turns out all that running and healthy eating has paid off I guess. When I bought that shirt, I almost couldn't wear it, the cut was too tight and it wasn't comfortable, now it's a little loose and one of my favorite shirts to wear on the weekends. Good motivation I guess.

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