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I made something new! It's a pillow:

Blanket folded


Blanket unfolded

A lot of our blankets live on our couch. Which means when company comes over, we have to either leave them out, acknowledging the shameful fact that we lie on our own couches under blankets like hobos, or we hide them in our closet. But blankets don't like to go in the closet. They get sad in there, and walked on, and forgotten.

So I decided to take advantage of an old idea: the pillow blanket. Fold it up, it's a pillow, still perfectly suitable on a sofa, but unfold it, and you've got yourself a party!

For the fabrics, I used two pieces of fabric made by Jade Gordon and for sale on Spoonflower. The pillow is based on an illustration she surprised me with after I posted a pic from a Ren Faire earlier this year. The inside is another piece of fabric that looks like the controls to a time machine. You can make up whatever story you like about how I picked that.

I lightly stitched the time machine controls to a couple yards of thick fleece by playing with the embroidery settings on my sewing machine. The machine knows several patterns, but they all tend to look like random splats at this point. I decided to go with something simple and use hearts. Some worked well.

Pretty heart

Some did not

Ugly heart

But she'll hold together. The nice thing about making blankets, I discovered, is you can do a really amateur job at it and it still looks great. In fact, the moreĀ  hand-made a blanket looks, the better.

And the best thing is, the whole project has firm and hearty support from both cats, who could simply not stay off any piece of the project for any amount of time. I think we're going to be friends, new blanket.

Cat approved

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