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Secure the Relic Against the Xenos

I decided to start posting after action reports from Warhammer 40K battles on this blog so I can do at least something with it.

I've been playing a semi-regular game against a one of my coworkers for a few months. We're both new to the hobby and learning a lot of the finer points, so it's good experience for us both. I'm running a vanilla space marine army and she plays Dark Eldar. We play at a local game shop (Guardian Games) that has a great back room with high tables, a lot of terrain pieces, and beer.

After exchanging lists and quick Q&A we rolled for mission, we got "The Relic" mission and setup the field. There are a ton of terrain pieces available at Guardian, and we've been experimenting with different sizes and makeups to make the battle interesting. When we rolled the relic, we decided to use a huge ruined temple piece at the center of which we would set the relic. The terrain object is about 2'x3' and presented us with a fun set of challenges we hadn't dealt with before. We ended up having a set of assaults that went from round 1 through the end of the game right around the relic itself.

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