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Cookie Crawl!

For my first event of my 35th year (that means I'm turning 34, right?) I'm proposing a Cookie Crawl!

When: 2pm April 5th, 2014

Where: Pearl Bakery 102 NW 9th Ave, Portland

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A trip to the zoo

I went to the zoo for my 33rd birthday and took lots of photos and video like a good gawker. Would you like to go on a tour with me? I made some quick videos of animals here.

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PDX: What to do and see

It's not hard to find things to do in Portland--far from it. What's hard to do is figure out what you'll really enjoy in Portland. Having lived here for a few years, I know what I like to do. So here's a list of the things we recommend to like-minded people.


At Mississippi's Bridge City Comics Taylor working the merch booth for Marian Call and the Doubleclicks.


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A Beautiful day to be in Japan

No, sadly we are not in Japan, but we did go to the Japanese garden and rose test garden today. It was a beautiful day in Portland area, sunny and warm all day long. It was a popular day to be in Washington park and there were people everywhere, but not as many as on a really nice summer day. I basically finally let Maria drag me to the gardens and actually enjoyed myself in spite of it all. It was beautiful and tranquil even with a few yelling babies. We also went to the Rose test gardens for a bit, it was exactly as exciting as we expected.

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