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We're not on Wordpress anymore, Toto.

I got a job (that I love) at OpenSourcery back in January. Since then I've spent 40 hours a week working in Drupal. While at home I was running a Wordpress site.

Not anymore!

Welcome to our new Drupal-based blog!

No real changes to the external eye, other than a bit of theming, but I did use the principles I've been learning at OpenSourcery to build it. A few things that might interest fellow Drupalistadors:

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Secure the Relic Against the Xenos

I decided to start posting after action reports from Warhammer 40K battles on this blog so I can do at least something with it.

I've been playing a semi-regular game against a one of my coworkers for a few months. We're both new to the hobby and learning a lot of the finer points, so it's good experience for us both. I'm running a vanilla space marine army and she plays Dark Eldar. We play at a local game shop (Guardian Games) that has a great back room with high tables, a lot of terrain pieces, and beer.

After exchanging lists and quick Q&A we rolled for mission, we got "The Relic" mission and setup the field. There are a ton of terrain pieces available at Guardian, and we've been experimenting with different sizes and makeups to make the battle interesting. When we rolled the relic, we decided to use a huge ruined temple piece at the center of which we would set the relic. The terrain object is about 2'x3' and presented us with a fun set of challenges we hadn't dealt with before. We ended up having a set of assaults that went from round 1 through the end of the game right around the relic itself.

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Back to the books

Hi everyone.

I have found myself so often lately reading whatever everyone else is reading -- usually whatever Taylor has downloaded and left in our Nook library. But the last year or so, that's all felt pretty superficial. Finishing, for example, Boneshaker or The Magicians or Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I have almost the exact feeling I get from watching an Oscar nominee two years later: That's it? Why was this such a big deal?

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A letter from the past


<--Me at 14. My grandparents dressed me up in a kimono they bought in Japan.


October 11, 1994, I wrote myself an entry in my journal sealed "To be opened at 30." Today, on my 32nd birthday, I finally remembered to open it. Here's what my 14-year-old self predicted of my future, followed by my response to her.

Hello, Maria. Now you are at least 30. That means it is 2010 or later.

I got the Idea for this letter from Northern Exposure yesterday. I think it's a good Idea, so I stole it.

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New Computer Time

It's every nerd's favorite time; time for a new computer!

Every gaming PC I have owned since college, basically every PC I've ever owned really, I have built myself. There's something undeniably nerdy about building your own machine from components. Aside from the hours spent checking specs and reviews, being buried up to your elbows in a PC's internals is just a fantastically good time.  The PC I currently use for gaming and dev at home is about 3 years old. It's had some upgrades, but it's definitely getting a bit old and having some issues with new games. It's an Intel E8400 Core 2 Duo, 4 GB RAM, an NVIDIA GTX 460, and NVIDIA GTX 280 (performing Physix co-processing mostly), about 2TB of HD, all in a full tower enclosure. It plays Skyrim on high settings, but not with high res texture packs and the like. I've also had some challenge with Direct X 11 games on the 460 being at all performant.

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A Proper PAX Post: Part 1

Last weekend was the Penny Arcade Expo. I have about a hundred things to talk about, but since it's difficult to read a long, rambling recap of things someone else considers fun, I'm going to put this into list format.

Without further ado, here are the top 8 things I enjoyed about PAX:

8: Fortune telling


We reunited seamonkeys took the monorail to the Seattle Scifi museum

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Stumptown Comic Con

I've never been to a Comic Convention before, and this one was just a few minutes away, so why not? I was hoping to see a lot more be-costumed people, but there were mostly just normal looking nerds in average clothing.

We got there early enough to not have to wait in line or avoid any kind of crush. Maybe you usually don't, and I'm just comparing this to the Penny Arcade Expo.

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