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What I learned training for a second marathon

The remarkable thing about my last marathon was that it completely destroyed all my expectations about running in a few hours.

Now that I'm just a week away from my second marathon, I thought it might be fun to leave a few notes about what I think I've learned this time around. We'll see how I come out on the other side.

My willpower can't survive 40+ miles a week

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Running, a retrospective

Today I set out on my weekly long run for my hood to coast training plan. Normally I do the long runs on a Saturday, but this Saturday we are helping Team Snout with their WarTron dry run. So I moved my schedule all around and ended up with an 8 mile run in the middle of the week. Normally I have a day of break between my last run, seeing my trainer, and the big run.

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A note about weight loss

This weekend I happened to be wearing a shirt designed by sea monkey and all around awesome guy Ray (this one). I took a photo to tweet at him, andĀ realizedĀ I'd made almost the exact same pose wearing the same shirt about ten months ago.

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