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Bourbon Ginger Cookies

I was having a philosophical discussion with my personal trainer (I was doing situps or something equally awful) about what kind of cookies I should make for the holidays. We discussed various things I’ve made in the past and recipes I’ve adapted and made as cupcakes. She said I should try making something with an alcohol based frosting. We discussed several different cocktails that could be made into cookies (while I was doing burpees probably). I don’t remember which of us settled on it first, but the end outcome was something with bourbon and ginger.

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Sriracha Cupcakes

This is another blatant Cupcake Friday rip off. I had a few issues along the way, mostly in guessing sugar content, and I followed some twitter after advice from Mel and added another egg yolk. I also used heavy cream instead of milk, since cream is required for the frosting and we don't really have milk, oh and I used more of that than listed as well, probably about 1/2-3/4 cup more.

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Amazing Brownies!

A few months ago, Maria and I were on vacation somewhere (may have been jococruise, my memory fails me) and were watching a small amount of TV. We accidentally ended up on Paula Deans Never Ending Stream of Butter, or whatever her show is called and watched her make brownies with one of her sons(?). They were something similar to these. She used standard brownie mix of some variety and put in large hersey's bars to add more chocolate (and probably had butter in there somewhere).

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